California Therapy Solutions
Physical Therapy + Pilates = Optimal Movement


Developed by its German-born namesake, Joseph Pilates, the Pilates method consists of a sophisticated, diverse set of exercises and movements that use a combination of body weight and spring resistance to strengthen the body. Exercises emphasize core strengthening, correct functional patterns of movement and postural control and alignment. They can be adjusted to suit all levels of practitioner and patients are introduced to the elements of the Pilates repertoire most suitable to their individual needs.

Using the Pilates treatment protocol, we look beyond the immediate scope of conventional injuries to address whole-body biomechanics and the associated mental focus necessary to achieve optimum posture and body movement. Depending on your needs, Pilates may be incorporated into your physical therapy and/or you may choose to take Pilates sessions in addition to, or the following discharge from, physical therapy.

The Pilates team at California Therapy Solutions includes 4 Pilates-Certified Physical Therapists and 4 Pilates Instructors.

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