California Therapy Solutions
Physical Therapy + Pilates = Optimal Movement

Physical Therapy

If you have been injured, undergone surgery or suffer from chronic pain or an underlying condition that interferes with movement, our leading-edge physical therapy team is here to help. We will evaluate your individual situation, set workable goals for your therapeutic treatment and work with you to overcome physical challenges.

We use a variety of personalized treatment options to depending upon your situation. For example, if you have suffered a repetitive stress injury from sports or the workplace, treatments combining manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education may help. We’ll also work with you on proper body positioning and alignment to prevent future injuries. You’ll receive a strengthening and stretching program specially designed for your body, to keep you in the game or get you back to work.

If you have undergone surgery, such as for joint replacement due to arthritis, we will guide you through the hurdles of acclimating to your artificial joint and back to functional independence. We can also help you implement lifestyle changes to delay the onset of osteoarthritis.  

Sufferers of fibromyalgia, polymyalgia or any persisting musculoskeletal injury, may find pain relief through a program of Pilates-based exercise, activity modification, and dietary changes. We can also address conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and neuropathy, to name a few, with physical therapy.