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Hand Therapy

Providing the best possible care is our mission at California Therapy Solutions. To this end, we are proud to offer the highest quality of hand therapy our patients by offering care from Certified Hand Therapists.

Our Certified Hand Therapists successfully treat and manage a full range of hand injuries from simple fractures to more complex surgeries and tendon repairs. With deep knowledge and expertise in custom splinting, wound care, and rehabilitation, they are highly qualified and available to treat any patient with hand or upper extremity therapy needs. Additionally, our therapists look at their patients' "whole body" and incorporate exercises as they see appropriate to areas beyond the hand. Working side-by-side with Pilates Instructors, our hand therapists will incorporate Pilates work to improve posture and strength that is so often at the root of many hand injuries.

We are proud to have such talent amongst our therapy staff, and know you will be pleased with the excellent level of services they will provide to your patients!