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Hand Therapy

Our Certified Hand Therapists successfully treat and manage a full range of hand injuries, from simple fractures and overuse injuries to more complex surgeries and tendon repairs. With extensive knowledge and expertise in custom splinting, wound care and rehabilitation, our CHT’s are highly qualified and available to treat any patient with hand or upper extremity therapy needs.

California Therapy Solutions is one of very few practices that offer board-certified hand therapists. When you visit one of our hand therapists, they look not only at your hands, but at areas of the body beyond the hand when appropriate to treat. This whole-body approach helps increase understanding of how to optimize the use of the hands and avoid injury. Working side-by-side with Pilates instructors, our hand therapists will incorporate Pilates work to improve posture and strength that is often at the root of many hand injuries.

Often times treating an upper extremity injury requires the use of a custom splint or brace. Our Certified Hand Therapists can properly match splint material and splint design to your specific injury. Splinting techniques are used to influence healing, minimize the development of restrictive scar tissue, maintain hand function and reduce pain. Often custom splinting is necessary following surgery for proper healing and to optimize the results of your procedure. Custom splinting can also support and protect inflamed joints that are commonly found with pathologies such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.