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Maria Ines Ipinza

Maria began her study of Pilates in 1998 as a direct student of Rael Isacowitz, founder of Body Arts and Science International (BASI). Seeing promise as an excellent teacher, Rael persuaded Maria to join his Certification program in 1999 and become part of his exclusive team. She was one of first teachers employed to work side by side with Rael when he decided to develop an internationally recognized program. Since then, she has mentored hundreds of Pilates teachers worldwide, students from Japan, Italy, Germany, China and South America to name a few.

Prior to living in the US, Maria cultivated a 25 year career as a Registered Nurse in her native country of Chile. She owned and operated her own busines in home health care which also provided services to nursing homes. It was there that she became passionate about the human body, how it works, moves, and caring for each individual's specific health needs. She began exploring dance, meditation, yoga and Tai Chi as practices to enhance the body's well-being.

Maria continues her work as one of the premier Pilates teachers at Pilates Solutions, a division of California Therapy Solutions. Her studio is located atop the Newport Office Tower with spectacular views of the mountain and coastline. There she can be found helping clients discover how to use Pilates as a tool to maintain a healthy lifestyle by developing a strong mind-body connection. She is loved and revered as a "teacher's teacher," and is well sought out by clients with specific body issues and limitations.

Contact information for Private, Duets, Trios and Group classes (by appointment only):

Phone: (714) 501-8238