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Parkinson’s Movement Training

Studies suggest an enormous capacity of the Parkinson’s Disease (PD) brain reshape itself in response to specific exercise. We offer two research-based programs specifically developed to help people with PD. People with PD have trouble moving normally. Their movements are usually slower and smaller and they may shuffle or freeze when they walk. Some experience falls and problems with their balance. For most, movement problems can be overcome temporarily when they are "cued" or prompted (either by themselves or by another person or thing) to move better (i.e. "take a big step", "stand up straight").

LSVT® BIG is an exercise treatment program based on the principle that the brain can always learn and change. It has been formulated from an existing program to help with speech for people with PD called the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT). Research on LSVT use over the last 15 years has shown that it results in improvements in speech intelligibility and voice loudness. LSVT® BIG works on the same principle, using a single therapy focus (BIGNESS of movement) to improve movement quality in PD.

The aim of the intensive LSVT BIG training is improve people's ability to make bigger movements. These movements can then be generalized for different functional activities and situations. Initial results of research show that LSVT BIG training leads to:

  • Faster walking with bigger steps
  • Better balance
  • Increased trunk rotation
  • Improved quality of life
  • Sustained improvements in movements that last up to three months post treatment

Our PWR!® certified therapists are trained in Parkinson’s disease-specific neuroplasticity-principled exercise techniques. The techniques hold promise to slow disease progression, improve symptoms, restore function and increase longevity and quality of life. The PWR!® program was developed by the non-profit Parkinson Wellness Recovery.

Both programs are covered by Medicare and most PPO insurances.