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Brad Jones, PT

Brad first became interested in physical therapy while working as an architectural draftsman where the primary focus was on the design of healthcare facilities. His interest in becoming a physical therapist was instantly sparked when designing a prominent physical therapy clinic. The decision to pursue a career in physical therapy was a complete change from a nearly completed degree in business management. With dedication, hard work, and a bit of good fortune, Brad received his degree as a physical therapist from the highly acclaimed University of Utah College of Health in 1996 – Go UTES!!

Brad has over 22 years of experience working with clients from kids to senior adults. He has been an important part of helping patients over come challenges in various settings including out -patient clinics, pain clinics, skilled rehabilitation centers, client homes, and aquatics centers. He has a special interest in the treatment and care of hand clients. Brad is a creative, high energy, fun loving, and out-going person and therapist. He is grateful to be part of a profession where he can give to others and make a positive difference for change in their lives.

Outside of work, Brad enjoys art, golf, tennis, volleyball, and spending time with his children and grandson.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift… that’s why they call it the present” ― Master Oogway