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Physical Therapy + Pilates = Optimal Movement

Sports Medicine & Performance Enhancement

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a budding young athlete seeking to optimize your strength, quickness, agility and/or performance, the California Therapy Solutions physical therapy team can help. As active athletes ourselves, we understand correct body position and movement to achieve maximum effect. We have treated athletes from throughout the sports spectrum, including elite world-class competitors, and we understand the biomechanics necessary for optimizing the body’s performance to achieve athletic goals.

Our Sports Medicine & Performance Enhancement Program is headed up by a former Olympic Rower and Coach. Our staff also includes former collegiate football, baseball, soccer, track, and cross country athletes. When you visit our office, our physical therapists may perform an analysis using video and a functional assessment of your body and movement. We’ll recommend strengthening, stretching exercises, and movement training to help you excel at your particular sport. Come work with our athletes on staff to improve your performance!

Dance Medicine Program

Dance Medicine is the art and science of preventing and managing injuries specific to the body of a dancer.  At CTS, our Dance Medicine Program specializes in the unique discipline of injury assessment and diagnosis, dance biomechanics, rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and injury prevention. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary, world-class care to all of our dancers.

We offer the following services:

  • Pilates-based injury rehabilitation for dance injuries
  • Private Pilates training for performance enhancement
  • Dancer wellness screening and annual physicals
  • Pointe-readiness assessments
  • 6-week jump training programs

Rowing Performance Program

Details coming soon...

Golf Performance Program

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