California Therapy Solutions
Physical Therapy + Pilates = Optimal Movement



From Lee H., treated at CTS – Irvine for her wrist:

“The service you provide is outstanding and it has substantially improved the rate and quality of my recovery from my fractured wrist. It has been a pleasure to come here and receive such caring and professional service. The exercises you taught me are ones I can continue to use at home to improve my range of mobility and my grip strength until both have been restored fully to their pre-accident functioning level. I sincerely appreciate the help you gave me.”

From Dick V., treated at CTS-Fashion Island for his lumbar spine:

“I’m impressed with the genuine concern and empathy shown by your therapists. They instill confidence in me that I will always overcome the back problem I’m having. The sessions are pleasant and educational.”

From Sharlene O., treated at CTS-Huntington Beach for her lumbar spine:

“Very kind and thorough visits every time. I presented with various concerns and the approach was compassionate and effective. The entire staff is great, but Dr. Twedell takes the time to explain and is very caring. Thank you all!”

From Linda I., treated at CTS-Irvine for her cervical spine:

“I appreciate the calmness and efficiency of the overall atmosphere. The staff is kind and friendly”.

From Craig M., treated at CTS-Costa Mesa for his shoulder:

“Very happy with the care and attention. The staff always listens to my comments and concerns and addresses them specifically.”

From Brenda M., treated at CTS-Fashion Island for her knee:

“I’ve been to other PT’s before and am very impressed with the quality of service and improvement I’ve experienced here.”

From G.G., treated by Chase at CTS-Huntington Beach for her knees:

“Chase was very professional and patient in teaching me how to exercise to keep my knees in good shape and free from pain. Kyle did a good job keeping me in line while doing my exercises. Emily was friendly and helpful with making appointments and adjustments. Overall, I am very satisfied in working with the California Therapy Solutions staff in Huntington Beach.”

From Susan H., treated at CTS-Fountain Valley for her hip:

“I couldn’t ask for a better therapist and aide. The commitment to patient care is outstanding.”

From Dianne Y., treated at CTS-Fashion Island for her cervical spine:

“After many years of chronic pain, the therapist has been able to re-focus on the probable cause and treat accordingly.”

From Sarah D., treated at CTS-Fashion Island for her lower leg:

“I have been here for 3 different injuries with various therapists. They’ve all been perfect and have allowed me to get back to the sports I love in the fastest fashion. Thank you, CTS!”

From Cheryl S., treated at CTS-Huntington Beach for her knee:

“I have enjoyed my therapy sessions very much. I’m sure that sounds impossible, but I really have. The staff has been very professional but also personable. I feel like they have been real partners in my recovery. I owe much of my success to their help. I am so glad I chose CTS as my pre and post op therapists.”

From Jamie N., treated at CTS-Irvine for his cervical spine:

“The staff and my therapist have been nothing but courteous, patient and helpful with my questions and concerns. The treatment is great too!”

From Annette M., treated at CTS-Fountain Valley for her knee:

“I have had a very positive experience at CTS. It was friendly, welcoming and very professional. My knee feels much better now than when I first came.”

From Terri B., treated at CTS-Costa Mesa for her lumbar spine:

“When I started my physical therapy, I had intense pain after standing, walking and sitting. Within a short period of time, I have been able to do all three. Honestly, my life has improved dramatically.”