Golf Swing Analysis

California Therapy Solution's golf performance center is a state of the art physical therapy and sports performance lab that focuses on improving the physicality of competitive and recreational golfers. Research has shown that almost all technical golf swing faults have some underlying physical cause behind them. It's no wonder that scores don't always improve with golf lessons, since golfers' bodies just can't do what they're being asked to do. Whether it's a lack of stability, insufficient range of motion, inadequate strength and power, or various other potential problems, California Therapy Solution has a staff of physical therapists, certified golf performance specialists through the prestigious Titliest Performace Institute and certified Pilates-for-Golf experts that can make a difference on golfers' swing efficiency. During the golf analysis, clients meet with a physical therapist to pinpoint possible muscular imbalances or weaknesses which may be causing pain, injury, compensations, or lack of proper mobility. They are taken through a comprehensive functional physical assessment that can reveal specific faulty mechanics that might be contributing to their swing inefficiency. Next, a two dimensional video swing analysis is performed to capture their golf swing in high definition super-slow motion to seek out mechanical breakdowns. A specialized golf software analyses whether or not proper posture, swing plane, and muscle sequencing is utilized during their swing. After the swing data and physical assessment has been performed, an individualized fitness and exercise program is prescribed to address the specific limitations of the golfer. The program can consist of "body work" to restore proper muscle balance and function, Pilates for Golf to increase stability and flexibility, and golf specific training exercises to attain proper coordination of movement. Whether your goal is to eliminate your pain , hit more greens in regulation, or increase your driving distance off the tee, California Therapy Solution can help you meet your goals and bring the fun back into the game!