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Physical Therapy + Pilates = Optimal Movement

About Us

Physical Therapy + Pilates = Optimal Movement

Throughout the eighteen years of its existence, CTS has striven to provide state-of-the-art therapeutic solutions. In 2003, in recognition of the changing needs to demonstrate good outcomes while efficiently and effectively delivering care, CTS embarked on a ground-breaking approach to fully incorporate the Pilates exercise repertoire into more traditional therapeutic regimens. To this end, we sought out the best and most rigorous Pilates training system available (Body Arts and Science International, owned by world-renowned Pilates Master Teacher, Rael Isacowitz) and incorporated appropriate elements into our treatment protocols. As a consequence, CTS clinics resemble a cross between a traditional Physical Therapy clinic and Pilates studio.

At CTS, the science of Physical Therapy is integrated with the art of the Pilates exercise repertoire to provide effective prevention, intervention and wellness programs. We look beyond the immediate scope of conventional injuries to address whole-body biomechanics and the associated mental focus necessary to achieve optimum posture and body movement. The emphasis is squarely on the patient; each patient is introduced the elements of the Pilates repertoire most suitable to their particular needs. This ensures a “whole-body” approach to treatment that carries over into an ongoing, sustainable, healthy lifestyle option.

Evidence-Based Therapy Services

CTS is a team of dedicated, caring professionals working together to provide the highest quality physical therapy services across a continuum of care; from prehab, injury prevention and wellness programs to injury recovery and post-surgical care. We employ highly experienced, highly qualified therapists, in combination with highly motivated younger therapists who have earned the highest level academic qualifications from the best university programs. We use a strong, ethical team approach to treatment ensuring that we maintain a high quality of care through on-going literature and research review, in-house training programs, in-house presentations from staff and outside vendors and continuing education programs.

Professional License and Certifications

  • 16 Physical Therapists Licensed with State of California
  • 2 Occupational Therapists Licensed with State of California
  • 3 PTs Board Certified as Orthopedic Specialists (OCS)
  • 1 PT Board Certified as Hand Therapist (CHT)
  • 2 OT Board Certified as Hand Therapist (CHT)
  • 9 PTs with Doctorates of Physical Therapy
  • 1 Former Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • 1 Former Olympic Rowing Coach
  • 1 Strength Coach Newport Harbor HS Boys Basketball Boys/Girls Golf
  • 9 Certified Pilates Instructors