California Therapy Solutions
Physical Therapy + Pilates = Optimal Movement

Expert Clinicians

As is the largest physical therapist owned (non-physician, non-corporate owned), physical therapy private practice in Orange County, California Therapy Solutions (CTS) attracts the top clinicians in the area. CTS has the most experienced and highest number of high quality, well-educated therapists in Orange County; no other private practice in Orange County can match CTS in this regard. Because of our expert clinicians, CTS provides exceptionally high quality care, well above prevailing standards; we consider ourselves a leader in this regard!

CTS has a stable “pipeline” of newly trained therapists and students coming from the top PT and OT schools in the country (as rated by U.S. News and World Report). Our clinics serve as training sites for PT Interns who learn from our senior and experienced therapists. The Interns, in turn, share the newest in research and treatment techniques and demand that our staff remain current and evolve in their treatments and approach. This provides for a healthy academic exchange, encourages professional growth and keeps CTS on the leading edge of care.

A caring, sympathetic staff delivering patient centered care

Your experience at CTS is important to us. We understand that in addition to receiving the best possible care, it is just as important to receive therapy from a professional who cares about you, your goals and your life. You will find our therapists to be compassionate, kind and nurturing during your time at CTS. We will tailor your therapy program to meet your goals and optimize your lifestyle. And, no matter where you are on the healthcare continuum, the CTS staff will be able to guide you in care that is appropriate for you.

Number one choice of doctors for great care with great outcomes!

It is no surprise that CTS is the physical therapy practice that many of the best Doctors in Orange County choose to refer their patients. CTS is currently strategically aligned with some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the area. We are the number one choice, of these Doctors, for Physical and Occupational Therapists with whom to work side by side in the same building!

We have been successfully sharing electronic information on our patients with some of the leading doctors in the area, making your work as a patient less complex. Your information can be directly placed in your electronic chart to which your referring physician can have access at anytime. When you return to see your physician, the information is simply a “click” away for him/her to review!

We have thousands of happy and satisfied patients! No wonder Doctors refer their patients to CTS!